Free Casino Bonus Guide 2018-2019

Welcome to Free Casino Bonuses site, the leader in high quality online casino bonuses.

Our free casino bonus guide is dedicated to providing high quality, safe and secure bonus offers for people to enjoy. We don’t own the sites below, but we have tried and tested almost every bonus site online, to bring the best to the top and to make sure people are getting the best bang for their buck.

How We Choose The Best Online Free Bonuses

Online free casino bonuses are a world wide loved gambling hobby, and there are many places in which you can use them. The problem is, many people found that the experiences between all the websites were alarmingly different. We decided to find the best sites to play on that met our requirements and that would meet the requirements of other Canadians like us.

Progressive Jackpots

If you love free casino bonuses, then you should know what a progressive jackpot is. Finding an online trusted casino and Casinopedia sites that have in built progressive jackpots into it’s game gives you a higher chance of winning really big which is a great bonus. Websites like Spin Palace and Ruby fortune regularly have progressive jackpot winners, and display them on their website.

Epic free casino bonuses and Welcome Bonuses

Just about every single site on line has some sort of “welcome bonus” for its players. There are a few little tricks some of the sites use to make their bonuses look better than they actually are, so we figured out the pro’s and con’s for all of them and have made this one of our largest priorities when cookies the best place to play free casino bonuses online. It’s not always about how big the bonus is, its about what you are actually getting for your money!

Support Options For free Casino Bonuses

Support is a large factor with any website really. Even more so when you are playing games for money. We wanted to make sure that every website we were going to recommend people play on had a really good support system. Some of them didn’t make the cut for things like no phone support for Australian players, or non 24/7, as we are in a different country than where the website is, we need round the clock support badly!

Other Casino Games Available Besides free casino bonuses

Sometimes you want a bit of a change from online free casino bonuses, but still want that live casino action (well I do anyway!), so making sure that websites hare more than just 200 poker machines was an important factor. Having variety gives you so many more options of play and can open new doors for winning big at games you like and you are good at. Also, having a large amount of different free casino bonuses games is great too. We all have our favourites but having the option of playing new and improved games keeps it entertaining when you have played for a while. We also love the movie themed ones like Lord Of The Rings and Batman Returns poker machines.We also love games like roulette, blackjack, poker and those other sorts of traditional casino games, so we made sure that they were available in our “diamond picks”

Web Play and Downloadable Software

We know people have different types of computers and different requirements. Not everyone wants to play on an actual web embedded online free casino bonuses game, and not all of us want to play with a downloaded application on our computer, maybe because you don’t own one and play at Internet cafe’s. We made sure that the free casino bonuses websites we chose, had the ability to play either way.

Online casino bonuses On your Mobile? Yes Pls!

Imagine sitting at the bus stop in the afternoon waiting for your bus home from work, and cracking some big jackpot. This is not a reality with the ability to get casino bonuses online from the palm of your hand, anywhere in the world. All of the sites we recommend have a mobile app you can play on iPhones and Android enabled phones, so you can play free casino bonuses where ever you please, even on the toilet! The apps are safe and secure and are a great way to play wherever and whenever you want.

No matter what type of game you want to play, our choices of online bonuses will have exactly what you need and give you the best possible experience you can get playing online casino games, we guarantee it!


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